Here are some images  of the 300 watt amps.....

300w, close up, 3
          tubes, blue glow.

Tube amps can look dramatic at night because of the blue glow seen in power tubes.
It isn't dangerous to be near tubes that are on; its just a fluorescence effect
phenomenon that occurs when tubes are healthy.


Another night pic....

300w, end

This is not a trick picture; there really are a dozen 6550 to do the business....

2 x 300W amps on

A daytime pic of the amps.....
The connection of the speaker cables is now not as shown but taken to
the output transformer ends of the amp chassis.
The 12 red leds near the middle of the amp chassis ( just visible ) were
to indicate if the bias for a tube is wrong.
The latest amp version has now just 12 x 5mm dia holes with 12 recessed
test points so an owner can easily measure the cathode bias voltage for
each output tube in 2 minutes to see if all is well perhaps every 3 mths.
Active protection will protect against any serious problems.

300w, two amps on

Another angle...

300w umbilical

Umbilical cables between the power supply and amp chassis are mobile
crane cables meant for 415V 3 phase mains supply with 5 inner cables in
each black insulation sheath, each one rated for 20 amps.

Mr Turner with an
This picture taken before about 2002 is entirely historical, and the same dude
in 2014 looks older, and he confirms the fact that the older a man gets,
the better he was. He's not making as many amps as he was, but still is
occupied by soldering on towards old age.......

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