The 2012 list of items replaces all previous listings.

To make inquiries, email Patrick Turner, 

See conditions of sale
at the bottom of this page.

I have a number of stereo amps, all with minor faults for which I do not
have time to repair :-

Item 5.   JVC Integrated amplifier, 100W per channel, model JA-S44.
Good appearance, inputs for tuner, aux, tape, MM Phono, 5 band graphic eq,

Item 19.   Rotel integrated amp,  15W per channel, old,
Fair condition, inputs for tuner, aux, MM phono, Ceramic phono,
Item 20.   Yamaha Integrated amp, 100W per channel, model CA610,
Good condition, inputs for tuner, aux, tape1, tape2, MM phono,

Item 21.   Yamaha Integrated amp, 40W per channel, model A-07,
Untidy but works OK, inputs for CD, tuner, aux, tape, MM phono.

Price negotiable.

Item 16.  Sansui Integrated Stereo Receiver, am/fm tuner + amplifier,
40W per channel, model
3000A, old 1973.
Fair condition, inputs for aux, tape, tape head, MM Phono.
Item 22.  Yamaha Integrated Stereo Receiver, am/fm tuner + amplifier,
40W per channel, model
R-300, inputs for aux, tape, MM Phono.

Price negotiable.


Item 3. An American DJ turntable, model TTB2010/C MKII.
New Audio Technica cartridge.
There is no plastic cover for the unit. $200.00.

Item 27.  Yamaha TT, model C50P.
Never used new Nagoaka cartridge worth $150.00.
Mint condition, good sounding. $200.00

Item 29.  Rabco TT with parallel tracking arm which can take most generic
two bolt cartridges.
Fair appearance, It needs a new cartridge. Electronic start stop
functions have have touch controls which do not work properly.
I suspect a full rebuild of internal electronics is needed.
The unit has Harmon Kardon label on plinth and has arm mechanism
labelled Rabco. I do have time to devote to the unit. 
Price negotiable.

Item 35. Pioneer, model model SCS-12, 2 shelf mount speakers,
80Hz to 18kHz, unknown drivers, impedance or sensitivity.
Power rating low. Weight, each = 3.0Kg, size 480High x 280Wide x 200Deep.
Power rating, 10 watts continuous, pink noise signal with peaks to 80W.
Plastic Timber veneer finish, black cloth covers, good cond.  $75.00.

Iten 36. Re-Engineered Unknown brand studio monitors.
2 shelf mount speakers, 6 ohms, 90dB/W/M, 70Hz to 18kHz,

3 way unknown drivers, Power rating low.
Weight, each = 4.0Kg, size 490High x 200Wide x 240Deep.
Power rating, 10 watts continuous, pink noise signal with peaks to 80W.
Timber veneer finish, black cloth covers, good cond.  $90.00.

Item 11.
Phillips Gramophone with built in amplifier.
This is maybe a 1972 model Phillips gramophone, ie, it has a TT with
selectable 4 speeds 16,33,45 and 78 rpm records. There is an old fashioned
ceramic cartridge, and solid state amp in the box under the TT.
The two speakers fit down over the amp box and clip into place and it can
be carried like a suitcase.
One speaker is shown with its back to us to show the open baffle type of
speaker enclosure.
Bass isn't up to standards wished by 2006 teenagers, but is improved
with speakers placed against a wall.
It is very good for 78 rpm replay, but just a fun toy. offers.

I do sell vacuum tubes for amplifiers and old radios, and some other
amplifier parts. There are no low power output transformers for old radios
and radio grams.
Because of the low worldwide stocks of NOS small size premium
grade audiophile tubes
I will only supply 6CG7, 12AU7 and some others
if used in a new amplifier or repaired or re-engineered amp.

I do have some stocks of generic NOS tubes such as 12AX7 for sale.
I do not use 12AX7 in any of my new amp designs.

I have a large number of new old stock and used tubes ( or valves )
for old radios or tubed radio-grams.

When people email me to tell me they want a replacement tube or valve,
typically a 6V6, 6J7, 5Y3, there usually is a problem in the radio which
cannot be fixed by just replacing a tube.

Prices shown do not include packing and freight costs.

Prices in Australian dollars.
Payments subject to prior arrangement through email,

Payments may be by Internet banking deposit, bank cheque or
postal order in Australian dollars.
Payments must include all payment transfer costs and freight
costs and for packaging.
Payments may be made in cash paid at my premises.

I do not have credit card or EFPOS bank card facilities.
Items will not be sent until a full payment is received.

Warranty cannot be offered on items under $100 value, and if granted
are valid 3 months, and void if the equipment is abused in any way.

Should anyone wish to purchase the items in alternative condition
to that shown, they should email me to discuss the work and
the costs.
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