Chokes for tube amps for sale.
I have a few filter chokes for sale from a few millihenrys up to many Henrys.
Some are E+I, some have C-cores. Some are good for power supplies where a CLC filter or LC filter is to be used.
Very few are suitable for between a B+ rail and a triode anode in what is called "choke feed" in a gain stage of an amp.

The majority of inquiries I get are from people without any technical knowledge and who don't understand schematics
and don't understand the reasons why a choke must have just the right properties to be worth using.
Iron cored chokes must have correct minimum inductance L, correct maximum wire resistance, and correct air gap
size or it just will not give satisfactory performance.

Although I have a quite a few chokes, most are widely different to each other, and the chance that something will
exactly suit some chosen schematic may be unlikely, and some adjustment to schematic may be necessary to optimise
PSU operation.
You need to tell me about your project, and give all details of schematic of the amp and PSU. Please try to send me a
schematic which is well drawn and less than 200kB in file size, .pdf or .gif, .jpg, Or send me a link to a URL.
I do not have a large number of identical chokes or pairs of equal chokes for monoblocs.
New Chokes.
The C-cored chokes to the right image were recently made in Australia. Most have C-cores and are nicely layer wound, varnished and perfectly reliable. However, most require that the air gap must be set to suit the maximum wanted inductance at the required dc current.
Old Chokes.
The old chokes in the right image range in age from 60 years to 2 years. Because they are only chokes and not something more complex like a transformer, the are still very reliable and able to be used in any DIY gear which calls for a choke or two and where appearance isn't important although all may be cleaned up and painted to look better. Some are potted and in sealed cans containing special oil. Some are military specification, some are normal open frame and some are badged AWA or Ferguson and have bell ended construction.
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